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ARABIC 131 Cultures of Arabic-Speaking Peoples: Introduction

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مرحبا بكم في الصفحة التي صممناها خصيصا لكم

 Hello, welcome to the page we created especially for you!

Course Description

This couse is designed to dovetail with HIST-SS 533/1 (The Middle East Heartland) and ARAB 130. The course focuses on variuos facets of the cultures of diverse Arabic-speaking peoples. Through films, art, music, and readings in literature and religion, students will consider a wide range of significant cultural issues. Open only to uppers and seniors.


Effective Ways of Doing Information Research

 Research takes TIME.  For an effective research, please click Research Process tab on the right . 

To gather information, you may start with the OWHL's Research section.

As always, we are happy to help you and show you more resources if you simply stop by the Help Desk of the OWH Library.

The Assignment from Your Teacher

Students will be expected to comment on the various course materials through papers. Your job is to critique, evaluate and discuss, not merely summarize a film or an article. Present a point/thought/idea in your writings and don’t be afraid of sharing it with the class.

The Five Marvels of Islamic Architecture

Map of the Middle East

News on Middle East

World News-Middleeast presents and distributes news, sport, business and entertainment around the globe.

Or, click the news in Arabic via नेपाली Nepālī

BBC News on Middle East

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Publications on the Middle East