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Chinese 400 for Ms. He's Class: Introduction

Welcome to the Chinese Language Resource Guides

你好!欢迎你上我们为你们特别设计的网站。 Hello, welcome to the page we created especially for you!

The Assignment from Ms. He

Presentation/discussion (10% of total grade): The topics of the oral presentation or discussion covers the folling history topics: 1) The Great Myth of the Creation of Man;   2) Yu the Great Harnesses the flood;  3) The warring States Period; 4) The Art of War; and 5) The First Emperor and the Great Wall.

Course Description

This course is intended to further enrich your communicative skills in Chinese. Our primary aims this year are: 1) to deepen your understanding of vocabulary and grammar already learnt, 2) to help you become even more independent in your language studies, 3) to give you a general introduction to Chinese culture and history.

Fun to Learn Chinese History - 秦始皇

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