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HSS 495 - Senior Research & Writing Seminar: Welcome-Start Here

Fall 2017 Library Sessions

9/14-Dole Room- Library Introduction

9/15-Dole room-work day

9/18-Freeman room-work day

9/21-Freeman room-work day

9/28-Dole room- Reading Techniques

10/2-Freeman Room- reading day

10/6-Freeman Room- reading day

10/12-Dole Room- Non-profit Research 

10/13-Freeman Room- work day

10/16-Freeman Room- work day

10/26- Dole room-Nuclear Weapons 

10/27-Freeman Room- work day

10/30-Freeman Room- work day

11/2-Freeman Room- work day

11/6-Freeman Room- Human Rights

11/9-Freeman Room- work day

11/10-Freeman Room- work day

Welcome to the HSS495 OWHL Guide!

Welcome to the HSS495 OWHL Guide!

OWHL Guides are designed by librarians to help you get started on your research projects. There are subject guides which cover a whole subject area; course guides which are used for an entire course; and there are assignment based guides which only cover one specific assignment within a course. 

This guide will be used as the start point for all of your research in this course, it has been designed with the assignments you will have in mind.

Use the tabs to navigate through the guide. Good luck with your research!

Research and Instructional Design Librarian