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LAMs at Phillips Academy: Introduction

A guide to research and education resources available in the Library, Archives, and Museums at Phillips Academy for faculty.


Welcome to the LAMs OWHL Guide. "LAM" stands for Library, Archives, and Museums and represents the following institutions and collections here at Phillips Academy:

  • Oliver Wendell Holmes Library
  • Academy Archives and Special Collections
  • Addison Gallery of American Art
  • The Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology
  • Sidney R. Knafel Map Collection

This guide will introduce you to the wealth of instructional and physical resources available in each department and offer ideas as to how you can incorporate them into your classroom. Click on the tabs above to learn more about each institution and collection. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

DPLA and the Andover LAMs

To understand what we are trying to do in creating an Andover LAM collaboration, it is helpful to consider the Digital Public Library of America.  The DPLA as envisioned in 2010 by Phillips Academy alumnus Robert Darnton and chaired by John Palfrey to bring together online cultural heritage materials in libraries, archives and museums in the United States and make them freely available to the world. The DPLA launched in April 2013 and already contains 5 million items. It is a portal, platform and principle. In other words, not only does it provide easy access to digitized collections and enable new and transformative uses of those materials, it also advocates for and models open access to these riches for the general public as well as scholars. 

Representing the PA LAMs at the recent DPLA Fest, Archivist Paige Roberts attended a fascinating discussion about innovative digital exhibits and collection building featuring the newly launched Emily Dickinson Archive site as well a session on DPLA collection strategies. During the wrap-up session several DPLA leaders, including Darnton and the head of Europeana, reported on ways in which the DPLA can increase access to digital content.

Staff of the Phillips Academy LAMs—Libraries, Archives, Museums—have been meeting for more than a year to discuss their approaches to collection management and education as well as how collaboration between campus LAMs could benefit the broader community. With initiatives like the DPLA and the OCLC Research Library Partnership becoming more common, the Phillips Academy LAMs are part of a broader convergence of libraries, archives and museums especially around the use of digital media.