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SCI 420 - Environmental Science: Food, Agriculture, and the Future: Home

Tips for Success

  • Know alternative names/spellings for your topic
  • Your main focus is to ask a specific research question and answer it using evidence..
  • Start Early. Proper research takes time.  The better your research, the easier you will find writing the paper.  


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Welcome to SCI420

Straight from the Course of Study, "Open to Seniors and to Uppers who have completed one year of laboratory science. This course may be taken in addition to or independently of SCI410 and/or SCI430. This course examines agriculture as a major driver of global environmental change and public health trends. We will explore the demands placed on food production by population growth and a dietary transition, the chemical origins and ecological impacts of fertilizer, and the implications of limited resources of water, land, and oil. The course will integrate fundamental environmental principles of nutrient cycling and energy flow, provide an introduction to environmental economics and policy, and examine how agriculture affects land use, climate change, and biodiversity. We will explore public health impacts of agriculture including food safety, antibiotic resistance, and the rise of obesity and diabetes. Finally, we will consider the future of agriculture and food. Readings will include original scientific literature, nonfiction books and essays, text excerpts, and news coverage. Students should be prepared to undertake a term project. (Mr. MacKinson)"


Working in small groups (2 or 3), your goal is to cut through the hype and provide the evidence!  Design an 8.5x11” infographic including works cited and citations within the infographic.  You will present the results of your research and explain the infographic to the class in a short (10 – 15 minute) presentation.  In doing your work you must read at least four (4) peer-reviewed articles, present the data and evidence in a compelling and effective manner, and include an assessment of the degree of scientific certainty about this issue.

Here is just one example of an agriculture infographic.

Original Research

What is Original Research in the Sciences?

Original Research are the primary sources of the Sciences

  • Research Methods should be detailed
  • The reports is written by the actual scientists that did the study
  • The results of the experiment is completely documented (not just a summary)

Helpful websites


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