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Biology -- The First Year: Home

A research guide to help Summer Session Students with their infectious disease project.

Tips for Success


  1. Be sure that you know how to spell your disease correctly.  It will be an important "search term."
  2. Know alternative names/spellings for your disease.
  3. This assignment does not require a thesis; your assignment provides the details of your task.
  4. Start Early. Proper research takes time.  The better your research, the easier writing the paper will be.  




I found this guide:


Biology First Year - Overview

From Mr. Sormrude's Syllabus, "Biology-First Year is an intensive introductory lecture, laboratory, and field course

designed to investigate and explore advanced biological concepts and principles.

Units to be covered include:

  • - Writing in Biology
  • - Cellular Biology
    • o†Membrane structure and function
    • o†Cellular structure and function
    • o†Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
    • o†The cell cycle and cellular reproduction
  • - Genetics
    • o†DNA structure and replication
    • o†Transcription, translation, gene expression
    • o†Genetic inheritance patterns and Punnett squares
  • - Anatomy and Physiology
    • o†Histology
    • o†Animal digestion
    • o†Reproduction and embryonic development
    • o†Circulation and gas exchange

Permeable membranes

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