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Biology -- The First Year: Home

A research guide to help Summer Session Students with their infectious disease project.


I found this guide:


Biology First Year - Overview

From Mr. Sormrude's Syllabus, "Biology-First Year is an intensive introductory lecture, laboratory, and field course

designed to investigate and explore advanced biological concepts and principles.

Units to be covered include:

  • - Writing in Biology
  • - Cellular Biology
    • o†Membrane structure and function
    • o†Cellular structure and function
    • o†Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
    • o†The cell cycle and cellular reproduction
  • - Genetics
    • o†DNA structure and replication
    • o†Transcription, translation, gene expression
    • o†Genetic inheritance patterns and Punnett squares
  • - Anatomy and Physiology
    • o†Histology
    • o†Animal digestion
    • o†Reproduction and embryonic development
    • o†Circulation and gas exchange

Permeable membranes

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