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ESL Writing the Essay: Introduction, 2016: Introduction

This guide is created specificially for Ms. Prince-Schroeter's class.


This guide was designed to help you find sources that are appropriate for your assignment or project.  Click on the tabs above to see more information about finding specific sources.

Need Help?

There is an Instructional Librarian at the Help Desk to help you with your research or library resources questions when the library is open.  Students are our #1 priority, and we love to help!  

The Assignment Reminder

Be sure you understand the assignment from your teacher and confirm the topic of your interest with your teacher before you start research.  Also know your due date.

Once you started the research, make sure to take notes and start to build a bibliography as you move forward.

Good luck with your project!

You can't do your best if you don't plan ahead!

Research is a process with a lot of steps.  There are no shortcuts if you want to do your best work.  Our "Planning Assignments" tool will help you stay on track to get your research done on time. Click on the clock to use the tool.


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