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Resources for Coaches: Additional Resources

Whether you are new to your sport or a seasoned veteran, the OWHL has resources for you.

Additional Reading and Research

The OWHL subscribes to several electronic databases with information of interest to coaches and athletes.  You can access these databases both on campus and off. If you're off campus, you will be prompted for your "library card number". This is simply your PA ID number, which is on your ID card.

The chart below includes databases that will be particularly useful when doing research on your English topics. To see a chart of all the databases the OWHL subscribes to, visit the Databases A-Z Page.

Access Science This database contains articles on anatomy and physiology, sports medicine, nutrition, and other topics of interest to coaches and athletes.
Health Reference Center--Academic  
Health Source--Consumer Edition  
Health Source--Nursing/Academic Edition  
Teen Health and Wellness  


Conditioning for Basketball

There are lots of excellent, free videos available on sports conditioning.  Here is an example for basketball.

Fun Activities for Kids

Free Web Resources

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