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HSS 501/2/3 - Economics: Data & Statistics

Search for Economics Data & Statistics

Data is at the heart of any good economics research. However, finding the data and statistics you need can be tricky. Here are the OWHL's top tips:

• Try the Statista database. Immediate access to over one million statistics and facts, with information on companies, industries, surveys, market studies, and more.

• Use the sources you have already found. Where did they get their data? That becomes a concrete title, study, or organization you can search for.

• Statistics do not exist for all topics in all time periods. Statistics are limited to the type of data organizations and research were/are collecting at the time. For example, you can't know the economic effect of George Orwell's 1984 unless someone was out there asking people, "has the publication of 1984 had an effect on your economic status/business decisions?" (they weren't).

United States Statistical Information

Data & Statistics from International Organizations

Regional Organizations

These organizations provide more detailed information and studies to the particular areas they represent.