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HSS 300 - The United States 1865-1945: Secondary Sources: Books & Journal Articles

This guide is intended for students enrolled in the second term of U.S. History.

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Research Tip

When you find a book that is relevant to your topic, ALWAYS check the bibliography for citations to sources and then ask a librarian for help locating those sources.  The author of the original book you found has already done much of your research for you, and he/she spent many weeks/months/years of his/her life doing research.  Take advantage of it!

Databases vs. Websites


  • Paid for by the library.  Often very expensive!
  • Cannot be searched in Google.
  • Includes sources written by professors, scholars, journalists, "smart people", etc.
  • Authority of information is verified by experts.


  • Access is free.  No one is paying for the content.
  • Anyone can publish a website.  The information included is often not verified by anyone.
  • Can be searched in a variety of search engines, including Google.
  • Must examine with a critical eye!

Search the OWHL Catalog

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Journal Articles and Other eResources

Recommended Websites