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BIO100 - Introduction to Biology General: Ms. Finney's Class

This guide provides access to resources recommended for research in Biology.

Term Project

Human Diversity Project

Due 11/14 (Per. 3), 11/15 (Per. 2, 7)



Submit a 3pg. + research paper on an aspect of human diversity of your choosing. You will also prepare a 5min. presentation including a visual component, (Powerpoint, poster, etc.) that will be shared in class!


Research papers must include the following components:

  • Background
  • Evolutionary relevance and timeline
  • Prevalence today
  • Full APA style citations and references.



Potential Topics:

Lactose intolerance


Blood pressure


Red hair

Blue eyes


Cilantro tasting

Vestigial organs


Reliable vs Unreliable Source Materials

Don't forget to critically assess each source that you use, whether a website, a print book, a journal article, or an interview. 

A common way to think about each source is to run through a mnemonic device such as "A,B,C,D."
     Authority - does the author have the credentials to express the opinions given?
     Bias - is the material presented in a neutral way or lean liberal or conservative?
     Currency - is the material presenting the most recent and up-to-date information on the subject?
     Documentation - are the claims made in the text backed up with references and citations to other works?

Genetic Databases and Websites