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Chinese Culture: Books Plus

To support the Chinese Culture classes provided by the Chinese Dept.

Research Tip 研究提示

When you find a book that is relevant to your topic, always check the bibliography for other sources and then ask a librarian for help with finding them.  The author of the book has already done much of your research for you, and he/she spent many weeks/months/years of his/her life doing research.  Take advantage of it!

Questions & Answers 有问有答

Q. Dear librarian,  After searching the NOBLE Catalog, I found one of the items I like to read having a call number like this:  C951 M12YI.  what does it mean and where I can find it?

A. This prefix means this item is in Chinese language 中文. You can find it in the regular stacks for all books in the range of 951.  
Ms. Pei

Chinese Periodical 中文期刊

汉语世界 The World of Chinese 

It is a great source for learning modern Chinese language and its culture with featured articles.  It covers topics from people's daily life on food, entertainment and travel, as well as on business and economy etc. You are going to love it!  For the latest issue, please visit the Freeman Room.

You may also visit its online version.

Book Search via Google

Search the full text of books that Google has scanned and stored in its digital database. The books come from large research university and public libraries. Full text is available for books published before 1923. For books still under copyright protection, only a small snippet of text is available.

Google Book Search

Scholar Search On China

Google Scholar Search