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CAMD Scholar Guide: Home

This guide contains resources and links for Community and Multicultural Development Scholars.


Congratulations on being chosen as a CAMD Scholar!  The Oliver Wendell Holmes Library is dedicated to helping you find the right resources for your project. 

Resources When You Need Them

As you begin the research journey, be sure to meet with the librarian and use this guide to help you navigate the print and electronic resources available to you. Speaking with the librarian early in the process will ensure that you collect print resources available in the OWHL catalog (and the NOBLE consortium) before you leave campus for the summer.  You will have access to electronic resources remotely through PA Net while away from campus.

CAMD Scholar Expectations

CAMD Scholar Expectations



  • Focus and narrow your topic and thesis with your faculty advisor.
  • Begin preliminary research to create bibliography (Ms. Tompkins is the CAMD Scholar liaison in the OWHL).  
  • Develop a calendar for your summer work (e.g. benchmarks by which certain work will be completed).
  • Determine how and when you will communicate with your faculty advisor during the summer.
  • Begin a pre-flection for your digital archive.
  • Meet with Mr. Khactu to start discussing your complementary programming.



  • Check-in with your faculty advisor throughout your project research.
  • Document your research process through journal/notes, photographs, etc.
  • Write and submit a one paragraph (<150 words) succinct description of your project for all publicity.
  • Submit a proposal for the complementary component of your CAMD Scholar presentation.
  • By Friday, August 26, submit the final draft of your paper. Your paper should have gone through MULTIPLE editing and revising opportunities with your advisor before Mr. Khactu reads it! After receiving the final draft of your paper, your faculty advisor and Mr. Khactu will determine if your final draft is sufficient or if the project should end.


The Paper:

  • Logistics of paper: 15-20 pages typed, double-spaced, MLA-style bibliography, endnotes
    • Introduce yourself and your motivation to pursue the topic.
    • Context for your research project.
    • Argument
    • Conclusion
    • Remarks on being a CAMD Scholar
    • A complete works cited bibliography and footnotes
  • Your faculty advisor and Mr. Khactu will review the final draft and consult with you regarding any revisions.
  • The final paper will be submitted to your faculty advisor and Mr. Khactu by Monday, September 12, and will be posted on the CAMD module in PANet and archived in the OWHL after your presentation.


The Presentation:

  • Mr. Khactu will schedule your presentation only after your final paper has been approved.
  • Submit outline for oral presentation to your faculty advisor and Mr. Khactu at least one week prior to the presentation.
  • Expect to do two practice run-thrus the week prior to your presentation.
  • Approximately 20-25 minute presentation and 10 minutes for questions. Complementary component may run from 30-45 minutes depending on the length of your presentation.
  • Following your presentation, submit an electronic copy of your PowerPoint (if used) to Mr. Khactu for publication on the CAMD web site.



  • Once you have submitted your paper and made your presentation, you will receive a stipend of $250.
  • CAMD Scholars can be reimbursed for up to $50 in research related expenses. These include the purchase of books, magazines or journals; travel costs; library fees; copying costs; image duplication; film and processing expenses; etc. Keep a record of all expenses and save related receipts.


If you have any questions about the process, please contact Mr. Khactu.

Instructional Librarian

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