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CAMD Scholar Guide: E-Resources

This guide contains resources and links for Community and Multicultural Development Scholars.

Databases vs. Websites


  • Paid for by the library.  Often very expensive!
  • Cannot be searched in Google.
  • Includes sources written by professors, scholars, journalists, "smart people", etc.
  • Authority of information is verified by experts.


  • Access is free.  No one is paying for the content.
  • Anyone can publish a website.  The information included is often not verified by anyone.
  • Can be searched in a variety of search engines, including Google.
  • Must examine with a critical eye!

Finding Articles for Literature Review

Articles from electronic databases can help you fill in holes in areas of your research where book information is not sufficient. Often times, articles will give very specific information rather than a general overview.

You can access these databases both on campus and off. If you're off campus, you may be prompted for your "library card number". This is simply your PA ID number, which is on your ID card.

The chart below includes databases that will be particularly useful when doing research on your English topics. To see a chart of all the databases the OWHL subscribes to, visit the E-Resources A-Z page.

EDS - Discovery

Our latest tool at the OWHL for research is EDS (EBSCO Discovery Service).  This allows you to conduct a "google-like" search across the collection, and your results will yield books, e-books, scholarly articles and reference materials.  It is easy to be overwhelmed, so narrow your search if you are looking for particular types of resources.  You can start searching with Discovery by entering some keywords in the large search box on this page.  You will notice that there are three tabs above the search field. If you select the Discover tab, you will be searching through almost all of our collection, regardless of material type. If you search using the Catalog tab, you will be searching our holdings of printed and electronic books, music, films and DVDs. If you search using the Articles tab, you will be searching through the full text of most of our extensive collection of journals and popular magazines.

Search here for books, articles & more:                         Popular Resources

Advanced Search What is Discovery?

Search for catalog content:                                            Popular Resources

Looking for the old catalog?

Search for article content:                                             Popular Resources

Looking for a list of journals available at the OWHL?


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