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Spanish 501 Advanced Spanish Language Colloquium: Electronic Resources

OWHL e-Resources vs. Websites

OWHL e-Resources

  • Paid for by the library.  Often very expensive!
  • Cannot be searched in Google.
  • Includes sources written by professors, scholars, journalists
  • Authority of information is verified by experts.


  • Access is free.  No one is paying for the content.
  • Anyone can publish a website.  The information included is often not verified by anyone.
  • Can be searched in a variety of search engines, including Google.

Website Evaluation

Recommended Electronic Databases

For your selected culture and history topics, you may start with the following online sources.  They are paid databases via the OWH Library and are trustworthy ones.

Instructional Librarian

Accessing E-Resources from Off-Campus

How do I access e-Resources off campus?

If you try and use a resource when you are not on campus, you will be prompted to enter your ID Number and your PIN.

Your Library Card/ ID Number = Your Phillips Academy ID number.

Your PIN Number = You must obtain a Pin Number from the Welcome desk

What if I don't have a PIN?

Simply call the Circulation Desk (978-749-4230) or stop by the library.