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Chinese 640 - Modern Chinese Literature for Advanced Heritage Learners: Books

Desk Reserves

If you teacher has reserve books for you to read, they will be available on 2 hour reserve at the Welcome desk.  Please get your library card ready for it.

老王小故事 / 王蒙著.

Search via Course Reserve.

Research Tip 研究提示

When you find a book that is relevant to your topic, always check the bibliography for other sources and then ask a librarian for help with finding them.  The author of the book has already done much of your research for you, and he/she spent many weeks/months/years of his/her life doing research.  Take advantage of it!

Book Search via Google

Search the full text of books that Google has scanned and stored in its digital database. The books come from large research university and public libraries. Full text is available for books published before 1923. For books still under copyright protection, only a small snippet of text is available.

Scholar Search On China

Recommended Reading 推荐阅读

You may also explore OWHL's collection by youself via NOBLE Catalog to get titles like this:

汉英对照唐诗绝句150首 = 150 Chinese-English quatrains by Tang poets

Li Po and Tu Fu; poems selected and translated with an introd

The art of war / by Sun Tzu 

宝儿 Bao er    

China : 3000 years of art and literature

China : its history and culture    

The Classical gardens of Suzhou

The Columbia guide to modern Chinese history

Culture and customs of China

道德篇 = Morality

Dreaming in Chinese : Mandarin lessons in life, love, and language   

Mo suo da di  摩挲大地 

The art of war / by Sun Tzu     


Republican Beijing: The City and Its History from ebrary

The search for modern China : a documentary collection 

Stories from a Ming collection. Translations of Chinese short stories published in the seventeenth century

A tiger's heart : the story of a modern Chinese woman       

Traditional Chinese stories : themes and variations

图说中国节 = Tushuo Zhongguojie

Wen xue = Literature 中国传统文化双语读本


Books in bilingual 中英对照双语书

Additionally, you may also browse a list of recommended readings Ms. Pei put together for the Chinese language department.  Please click Recommended Titles for Chinese Language, Culture and History .

Remember, we always welcome your recommendations. To make a recommendation to this list, please contact Ms. Pei via her email or click on the comments below . Thank you in advance for your participation. 

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