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OWHLguide for International Students : Campus Services for You

This guides intends to offer new int'l students a one-stop place for the most relevant resources and services both at OWH Library and on the campus.

Need Help?

The school provides various services to students.  On this page, you will easily spot these offices, its contact persons when you need either academic information or technical assistance or support.

Campus Map

OWH Library is at the center of the campus.

Academic Skills Center is on the 2nd floor of OWHL.

PACC is in the basement of the OWHL building.

Archives Office is on the 2nd floor of OWHL.

Addison Gallery is close to the Kemper Auditorium. 

The R.S. Peabody Mesume is on 180 Main Street.

Green Cup Challenge Event

March is Greeen Cup Challenge Month!

OWHL has a dedicated page to support this annual event on the campus.

Academic Skills Center

Academic Skills Center  x4483

Director: Mrs. Davison x4365

Ms. Buzard x4481

Ms. Crowley x4483

Ms. Ferris x 4483

Mrs. Olander x4358

Or, check the most up-to-date directory from the ASC's link:

PACC: Phillips Academy Computer Center

PACC (Computer Center) x4351 


M-F  8am - 4:30pm

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Help Desk Manager: Mr. Oakley

Learning Management Systems Manager: Mr. Mallick 

PACC is one of the best places to get help for your computer set up, internet access, troubleshooting and document printing, etc. other than the OWH Library.

For more help, please visit the Student page on the PAnet.  

The Writing Center

The Writing Center, Photo by Sharon PeiThe Educational Research and Development Lab (ERDL), was established in 1994 to support faculty and staff development in technology.

Please stop by the ERDL Room during the hours given below or make an appointment with Ms. Har via email.

Location: Down in the PACC

Hours:  M-Thur. 8-9:15pm

Contact: Ms. Patricia Har


Technology Learnng Center at PA

Technology Learning Center is the hub for three important services that you may use throughout the school year.  They are as following:

1. PACC, a.k.a. PA Computer Center: PACC is inside the OWH Library building, but at the lower level of the library. (see above)

2. Polk-Lillar Audio/Visual Center : The center is a campus-wide computing facility focused on the Art Department's electronic media curriculum.

3. LLC, a.k.a. Language Learning Center: The LLC is located in the lower level of Samuel Phillips Hall, also known as SamPhil. The LLC serves the students and faculty of the World Languages Division as well as the department of History & Social Sciences.

Note: To learn more about each service center, please log in PAnet through the following route: Academic Resources > OWH Library & Learning Centers > Technology Learning Center, or simplay pay a visit to each at your disposal.

CAMD Scholar Program for Community & Multicultural Development

CAMD, the Office of Community and Multicultural Development,has been playing an important role on the campus for the community at large.  Its CAMD Scholar Program was one of its unique and dedicated program for young scholar like you since 2006. 

This program encourages students to do independent research on topics related to diversity, multiculturalism, identity to make Andover a stronger community.   For details, please visit the CAMD's program page