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Mid-Twentieth Century Popular Press: Books

Sample Books from the OWHL Catalog

The following books are a sample of those available at the OWHL. If you cannot find what you are looking for, remember to Ask a Librarian

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Search Tips

Keyword Searching  
Typically, when you search, you will use Keywords.  Simply enter the basic ideas/keywords of your topic in the search box.  The computer will search for books containing those keywords in the title, subjects, and descriptions of the books.  
Subject Searching  
Subject searching is more "powerful" than keyword searching.  It allows you to use a specific vocabulary to find books in the catalog.  To find a good subject, look at the display page of a book you already like.  Simply click on the subject link to run a search

Some sample subjects for this project are:
Human Beings -- Origin
Evolution (Biology) 
Brain -- Evolution
How do I get books from NOBLE?
 In order to obtain items through NOBLE, you must have a pin number.  To get a pin, simply bring your ID to the circulation desk. When searching the entire NOBLE catalog below, click "Request" to have the book sent to you.   


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Search the Virtual Catalog

You can search beyond NOBLE using the Massachusetts Virtual Catalog.  The Virtual Catalog searches libraries across the entire     state. You must have a valid PIN number in order to use the Virtual Catalog.   

Massachusetts Virtual Catalog


Subject Guide

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