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Archives and Special Collections: A Guide: PA History

Principals of Abbot Academy

1829-1831    Charles Goddard
1832-1834    Reverend Samuel Lamson
1835-1838    Reverend Samuel Gilman Brown
1838-1839    Reverend Lorenzo L. Langstroth
1839-1842    Reverend Timothy D.P. Stone
1842-1852    Reverend Asa Farwell
1854-1856    Nancy Judson Hasseltine
1856-1857    Maria Jane Bancroft Brown
1857-1859    Emma L. Taylor
1859-1892    Philena McKeen
1892-1898    Laura Sophia Watson
1898-1911    Emily Adams Means
1912-1935    Bertha Bailey
1936-1955    Marguerite Capen Hearsey
1955-1966    Mary Hinckley Crane
1968-1973    Donald Gordon

Selected Bibliography

Chronology of PA and Abbot history

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Principals and Heads of Phillips Academy

1778-1786      Eliphalet Pearson
1786-1793      Ebenezer Pemberton
1794-1809      Mark Newman
1810-1833      John Adams
1833-1837      Osgood Johnson
1837-1871      Samuel H. Taylor
1871-1873      Frederic W. Tilton
1873-1901      Cecil F. P. Bancroft
1903-1933      Alfred E. Stearns
1933-1948      Claude M. Fuess
1948-1971      John M. Kemper
1972-1981      Theodore R. Sizer
1981-1994      Donald W. McNemar
1994-2012      Barbara Landis Chase
2012-              John G. Palfrey, Jr.

Phillips Academy Student Room, 1970s

Student Room, 1970s