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Art Guide: Finding Images & Inspiration


Art & Museum Websites

Google Images

Google Images contains a massive amount of art reproductions, photos, and drawings.  You can limit an image search to just drawings, clip art, faces, photography, color or balck and white.  Be sure to cite the search when using items from Google Images!



Art History on YouTube

There are are a vast number of history videos available on YouTube.  Search for a person or particular event to see videos on that topic.  Always be sure to evaluate online resources according to the criteria on the Evaluating Resources page in this guide to make sure they are accurate and authoritative!

(You're watching 500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art)

Music at Clift

Music can be a wonderful source of inspiration. Whether jazz, classical, rock or blues take a look in the online catalog and choose "Phillips Clift" as your location. Below are just a few examples of the CDs available at Clift.