HSS 300 - Labor and Industrialism: Secondary Sources: Books, Journals, & More

Research Tip

When you find a book that is relevant to your topic, ALWAYS check the bibliography for citations to sources and then ask a librarian for help locating those sources.  The author of the original book you found has already done much of your research for you, and he/she spent many weeks/months/years of his/her life doing research.  Take advantage of it!

Books on Reserve and the Catalog

Reference books don't provide all the answers. Eventually you are going to need to move on to other sources to get more details.That's where books come in handy.

If you want to find books that you can take back to your dorm, use the OWH Library catalog to find materials in the stacks. Anything that you get from the stacks can be checked out for 3 weeks.

Finding Journal Articles