ENG 541AS - Asian/American Literature and Film: Introduction

Fall 2017 - Martin

Class Overview

This seminar is an exploration of the historical, literary and broader socio-cultural development of the complex and ever-expanding body of work that collectively (and not always neatly) contributes to what is called “Asian/American” literature and film. An overarching goal of the course is to engage with a wide range and variety of texts, including poetry, fiction, memoir, cinema, television, as well as with scholarly and other artistic forms of production, in order to fashion an Asian American Studies critical lens (that is, an analytical framework, informed perspective and interpretive approach) through which to re-read and re-think the culture, politics and history of the United States. A related goal is to understand the role of literature and other cultural forms in our nation’s struggles over identity, power and resources.

(from the Course Syllabus)

Required Texts

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