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Brace Fellow Guide: Home

A Research Guide


Congratulations on being chosen as a Brace Fellow!  The Oliver Wendell Holmes Library is dedicated to helping you find the right resources for your project. 

Resources When You Need Them

As you begin the research journey, be sure to meet with the librarian and use this guide to help you navigate the print and electronic resources available to you. Speaking with the librarian early in the process will ensure that you collect print resources available in the OWHL catalog (and the NOBLE consortium) before you leave campus for the summer.  You will have access to electronic resources remotely through PA Net while away from campus.

Brace Fellow Expectations


Please review your Brace Fellow Expectations, provided by Dr. Vidal, to ensure you are aware of the structure and guidelines to which you should adhere for your paper and presentation. Timelines and check-in dates are included to give you an idea of the progress you should be making over the spring and summer.  The expectation that you meet with me (or another librarian in my absence) is considered met after three visits before your departure from campus at the end of the academic year.  

Library Research Timeline & Strategy:

Please meet with your faculty advisor before you schedule a meeting with the librarian.  Often, after you discuss the topic with your advisor, you will have a better idea of what resources we need to look for together.  We will begin with reference materials to gain context, to give you an idea of what terminology to use in successful searches, and to identify the experts and scholars in your field.  We will use the local catalog for print and e-book access.  Please make sure you have and know your PIN #.  We will also fully explore the OWHL subscription databases that are relevant for your topic.  We will also discuss strategies for finding materials available on the free web.  Depending on your topic, we may explore resources available in different formats.

Identifying Resources:

It is important that you start early when identifying the resources you will rely on, as this will ensure we are able to order things that may not be immediately available.  Electronic materials, such as journal articles and e-books, will generally be easier to access than print formats.  If the OWHL owns a print book that you need, we will be able to check it out to you for an extended period, and over the summer, if necessary.  If you need print materials that we do not own, we are able to buy some resources, but this option should not be abused.  In general, the resource you wish to have the OWHL purchase should be something that contains unique information not found in other sources we own, that would be a useful addition to our library, and that is not prohibitively expensive.  As you conduct your research, please direct questions regarding purchases to me, and I will make every effort to provide access!

Contact Me:

Because you are all busy students with responsibilities beyond this project, I will make myself available around your schedule if, for some reason, you cannot meet with me between 8 am - 3:30 pm Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, or anytime on Sunday during the library hours (11am-7:45pm).  Feel free to email me at to schedule a time that works for you!   





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