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Copyright at Phillips Academy: Introduction

This guide is intended to help faculty members at Phillips Academy efficiently identify and ethically use information in support of teaching and learning.

Purpose of this Guide


This  is intended to help faculty and staff members at Phillips Academy efficiently make decisions regarding the use of intellectual property in the course of their teaching and learning.


The standard procedure for making copyright decisions at PA has up to four steps.

First, Determine whether the material you want to use is subject to copyright. Material in the Public Domain and material available with Creative Commons or other Open Access licenses may be freely used. 

Second, If the material is subject to copyright, determine whether you have the rights to use it. Material contained within our subscriptions may be used without permission under certain conditions. The Academy's annual copyright license also provides access to many additional copyrighted materials.

Third, if the material is subject to copyright and not available through a subscription, or included under the annual copyright license, the use may still be permissible under the Fair Use exemption.

Finally, if no avenue for compliant use is available through any of the first three steps, individual permission may be sought through the Copyright Clearance Center.

In most cases, the departmental administrative assistant is the point person for securing permissions. Let us know if you have any questions about copyright and we will be happy to assist you.