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SS 2017- ESL Core 4- Sustainability: Welcome-Start Here-Reference

Welcome to OWHLGuides

OWHLGuides are the Library's Research Guides.

They provide you with a quick and easy way to find which library services and resources will be appropriate for this class.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me or any of the professional librarians.

Original Research

What is Original Research in the Sciences?

Original Research are the primary sources of the Sciences

  • Research Methods should be detailed
  • The report is written by the actual scientists that did the study
  • The results of the experiment are completely documented (not just a summary)

Helpful websites



About Reference Sources

Reference Books (Encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc...) offer great overviews of subjects.  Usually, they are easier to read and understand.  

Reference Sources

Research and Instructional Design Librarian