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HSS 100 - Imperial China: Introduction & Reference Soures

Reference Databases

Welcome to the Imperial China OWHL Guide

Welcome to the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library and the History 100 OWHL Guide on Imperial China.

Remember, some names or terms may have alternate spellings. For example, the Song Dynasty may be called the "Sung Dynasty." Once you find an alternate spelling, be sure to write it down in your notes and make sure to check the index of any book for both spellings. You never know how an author is going to refer to something!

Below is a list of reference sources available in the Garver Room and online to help you get started on your research.

If you have any questions, please see one of the librarians at the Help Desk!

Right: Song Painting Depicting Imperial Examination at Kaifeng, China. Wikimedia Commons.

Reference Sources

Here's a list of selected specialized reference books (available in the Garver Room) you may want to consider: