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HSS 300 - Personalities from Early America through the Civil War: Start Here--Reference Sources

A friendly reminder...

• Reference books are located in the Garver Room (silent study).

• Reference books CANNOT be checked out or leave the library.

• Please return reference books to the Garver Room when you're done using them.

• All reference books will have the prefix REF before the call number.



Welcome to the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library and the History 300 - American Personalities OWHL Guide. Click on a tab above to see all of the relevant sources that are available for this assignment. If you have any questions, please see a librarian at the Help Desk!

Generally, information develops from specific to broad. An event happens, people report on it, people analyze it, and it becomes a part of the historical narrative. Your research sources should move in the opposite direction, from broad to narrow.

Print Reference Sources

Reference sources give you an overview of your topic.  All of the reference sources listed below can be found in the Garver Room. Note: this is NOT a comprehensive list. There are hundreds of specialized reference books in Garver. Search Reference Universe, browse or ask a librarian for help .