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HSS 100 - Women & Early Christianity: Introduction & Reference Sources

Reference Databases

Welcome to the Women in Early Christianity OWHL Guide

Welcome to the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library and the History 100 OWHL Guide on Women in early Christianity.

This is a complex topic. Researching it may be more of a treasure hunt than a straightforward process. You may find yourself gathering small pieces of information from multiple sources rather than one long article from a single book.

Below is a list of reference sources available in the Garver Room and online to help you get started.

If you have any questions, please see one of the librarians at the Help Desk!

Right: Reliquary bust of Saint Balbina. ca. 1520–30. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Reference Sources

Here's a list of selected specialized reference books (available in the Garver Room) you may want to consider.

Remember, reference books CANNOT be checked out or leave the library. When you are done using them, please return reference books to the cart near the entrance to the Garver Room.