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ESL Speak Up: Introduction

This guide is created for Ms. Prince-Schroeter's ESL: Speak Up.


This guide was designed to help you find sources that are appropriate for your assignment or project.  Click on the tabs above to see more information about finding specific sources.

OWHL Answers

You Can't Do Your Best If You Don't Plan Ahead!

The Assignment Reminder

Be sure you understand the assignment from your teacher and confirm the topic of your interest with your teacher before you start research.  Also know your due date.

Once you started the research, make sure to take notes and start to build a bibliography as you move forward.

Good luck with your project!

Research Paper - Notable Americans for Ms. Prince-Schroeter's Class

Your assignment is to select one of the Notable Americans (living/deceased) from the list provided and write a two-page account that addresses the following:  What is his/her name? What is his/her vocation? How did his/her vocation influence and or change humankind (Translation: were there short or long term benefits for US society and the world?)?

This assignment requires that you:

a) work with the assignment sheet provided.

b) locate books and electronic resources at the Library to help find reliable information. (Note: You must use at least three to four sources from the Library)

c) remember to cite your sources accurately using the MLA format.

If you need help/assistance with part C, ask Ms. Pei, or any Research Librarian at the Help Desk, or look it up. 

List of the Notable Americans

Dr. Charles Drew, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Donna Brazile, Eli Whitney, Dr. Ben Carson, W.E.B. Dubois, Arthur Ashe, Benjamin Bannecker, Jessie Jackson, Althea Gibson, Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan, Thurgood Marshall, Melissa V. Harris-Perry, Jackie Robinson, Ida B. Wells, Lee Stiff, Marian Anderson, Dr. Willie E. May and Dr. Etta Zuber Falconer.

~ Ms. Prince-Schroeter

Last update: 7/30/2019

Instructional Librarian