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Green Cup Challenge: Introduction

This guide is designed to demonstrate OWHL's support to school-wide annual Green Cup Challenge program.

Welcome to OWHL Guide for Green Cup Challenge

                          Welcome to the GCC guide created especially to support the Green Cup Challenge Program on the campus.

Want to know how green you are and how you can make PA greener? Please visit  PA Green Building Dashboard

What is Green Cup Challgen?

The Green Cup Challenge (GCC) is an international competition among K-12 schools to encourage sustainable behaviors and reduce energy consumption.   To learn more about this month-long and inter school engergy saveing community program, please visit GCC website


Do you know which day is World Environment Day?

Our world is going greener because of your participation.

Read news on moving towards               a greener world in world languages!

OWHL Answers

2014 Greencup Challenge Program

Dear Colleagues and Students,
Green Cup Challenge starts this week!  In support of our environmental policy statement, we encourage you to do your part.
Green Cup Dates:  January 15th to February 12th.
What can you do?
·         Follow our Green Tips to reduce your environmental footprint!

  •  Turn off the lights in rooms when not in use
  •  Adjust your computer’s power settings to go into standby after 5 minutes of inactivity
  •  Unplug electronics that are not being used to eliminate phantom loads
  •  Take the stairs instead of the elevator

·         Choose the “Green Plate Special”:
Paresky Commons will be offering “Green Plate Special” lunches starting on January 27, to demonstrate the connection between healthy dining choices and environmental sustainability.
·         Borrow-A-Mug:
To promote a culture of resource conservation, travel mugs are available for taking beverages with you across campus.  Be sure to bring the mugs back to Paresky to be washed and re-used!
·         In addition, students are invited to sign the pledge and enter to win raffle prizes such as a solar-powered cell phone charger, a smart power strip, and iTunes gift cards!  Click on the “Commit” button next to one or more green activities on the GungaData home page.   You might also consider joining EcoAction on Monday nights at 6pm in Gelb 211, to help lead campus activities for environmental awareness.

Remember, your individual actions translate into energy savings for Andover, and positive change for the world.  Thank you for helping us make Andover a Greener Blue!
Debbie Shepard, Sustainability Coordinator

Phillips Academy Green Cup Challenge

OWHL Goes Green with Book Scanner

Thanks to a generous grant from the Abbot Academy Association, OWHL has purchased and installed a Book Scanner to replace our public copier.

This easy-to-use machine allows you to quickly scan single sheets or pages in books and to save the scanned document to a flash drive or send it to your e-mail. In order to save paper and supplies, we are promoting this service as an alternative to copying. However, if an immediate “hard copy”is required, the scan may be sent to our networked public printer.

The device has been extremely popular with students since it's installed a year ago, who appreciate the fact that the scans are free and that the output is much more versatile than a paper copy. Early adopters have used the scanner to share notes and distribute reservematerials to members of their study groups. OWHL invites faculty and staff to come try it out to see how easy it is to digitize your documents and photographs.

Go Green!