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Human Anatomy

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The Assignment

Excerpted from the handout "The Pathology Investigation" found on your CANVAS course page for Biology 582: Anatomy and Physiology.

Assignment Timeline:

Paper topic due Thur/Fri Dec 12/13

            Should be a paragraph explaining the proposed topic, including the general topic (the normal system and the pathology/disorder you are focusing on), as well as any ideas you have about your specific angle on the topic.


Brief Outline with sources due Mon Jan 13

            For the brief outline, you should be able to envision the broad structure of your paper.  Start an outline (skeletal) including major points you want to include, in a logical order – showing that you know how you’re going to use information to build towards the argument you’re making.  Include in-text citations (author’s last name, year) – example, (Johnson, 2007) - in the appropriate places so that they will be there as you build around and fill in your outline.  PLEASE USE A LITERATURE CITED FORMAT RATHER THAN FOOTNOTES and then include a complete list of all references at the end in alphabetical order by author’s last name:


Detailed outline due Mon, Jan. 27

            Continue filling in your outline with lots of details and specifics.  Make sure that you include citations as you use the information (in parentheses in text) and be very careful to avoid unintended plagiarism.  The best way to avoid this is to 1. Never copy/paste any text from a source! 2. Always write the information in your own words right from the beginning.  Also include a bibliography (in alphabetical order by author’s last name, in your chosen common format).


Final paper due Thur/Fri Feb 20/21

            This submission should represent your best effort at researching and arguing for a specific position regarding something pathology-related.  Final project – 5-7 pages, very focused, well-organized, well-written, edited, and cited.  1.5 spacing, 11pt font, 1inch margins.