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ENG 200C - Writing to Read, Reading to Write : Finding Sources on the Free Web

Welcome to the Research Guide for ENG 200C!

Free Web Resources

undefinedConducting Research on the Free Web may yield some excellent resources.  After you have exhausted the e-books and databases that are paid for by the library, and you have explored the free websites found and vetted by your librarian on this OWHL Guide page, you may want to conduct your own internet searches.  Although it often seems quick and efficient to search the free web first, you will need to use search tools to enhance and focus your searches. You will also then need to use your powers of evaluation to make sure your search results are worthy sources to use in your scholarly work. This will take valuable time, so ask a librarian for help if you aren't finding what you need. Or, check out the websites below that a librarian has already vetted for you!

If you suspect that a website may not be acceptable for your work, use this handy website evaluation worksheet (see .pdf below) to help you evaluate and determine whether you should use it for your research.

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Global Organizations

Selected Websites