HSS 543 - Weimar Germany: Primary Sources

A Guide with e-resources and links to find reference works, e-books, journal articles, and more.

Finding Primary Sources


undefinedPrimary sources are often found within secondary sources and even reference sources, so you may have already come across primary sources while searching for those. 

This page contains selected primary source e-Books along with links to databases and websites (see below).  Search in databases and on websites to find primary sources such as newspaper articles, images, letters, speeches, documents and diaries.  In addition to written material, different types of sources, including artwork and objects, may be considered primary.

Primary sources are almost always used by scholars and historians, so check the bibliography for primary (and/or more secondary) source citations in works that you are finding especially useful.  Librarians call this "bibliographic mining".  

If you need more help finding sources, please chat OWHL Answers, below!  We are here to help.



Image from ARTstor: Oskar Schlemmer, Bauhaus Stairway. 1932. Oil on Canvas. The Museum of Modern Art (Gift of Philip Johnson), New York, NY

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