HSS 543 - Weimar Germany: Secondary Sources - Journal Articles, Websites, and Film

A Guide with e-resources and links to find reference works, e-books, journal articles, and more.

Finding Articles


Our subscription databases are the best places to browse for journal articles on your topic. If you search in our subscription databases, you will avoid being prompted to pay for an article, and you can filter for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.  Be efficient with your time and judicious with your funds - use the library resources! 

If you have a specific citation for a journal article, go to our Full-Text Finder, type in the name of the journal your article is in, and check to see which of our databases has that journal, issue, and article.  If you still can't find the article, contact a librarian at OWHL Answers.  We will make every effort to get it for you.

Listed below is a selection of subscription database links, but feel free to go to our Databases A-Z list and see all of them, if you need to find more articles.  



Image from ARTstor:  Fritz Lang and K. Freund (Cinemaphotographer), Metropolis: /director: det.: scientist with the false Maria, 1926, film still

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