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BIO100 - Introduction to Biology General: Reference Sources

This guide provides access to resources recommended for research in Biology.

Tips to improve your Searching


  • Know the alternative names of your disease.
  • Always spell your disease correctly.
  • Color vs. Colour, don't forget alternate spellings.
  • Are there any acronyms for the disease?
  • What are the subject headings found in the papers located?

Reference Universe

When discovering a topic for the first time, searching reference sources such as atlases, encyclopedias, handbooks, and others can be time consuming. Reference Universe is a database that searches many reference sources in the Garver room AND those sources that might be thought of as reference sources that have been shelved in the general collection. Remember that searching an index entry or article entry in Reference Universe will require very broad search terms, or very narrow terms. It is not unusual for a search to retrieve zero results. 

Print Reference Books

Click on the title of the book to find its location in the Garver Room. 

Books marked with an * indicate more advanced types of information is included.