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BIO100 - Introduction to Biology General: Citations

This guide provides access to resources recommended for research in Biology.

When to Use Citations

You must use citations when:

  • You use a direct quote from a resource.
  • You paraphrase a sentence or paragraph from a source.
  • You use an IDEA from a source that is not common knowledge.

When in doubt, cite it!

Academic Integrity

Adapted from Dr. Hagler's Syllabus [but good for everyone]:

I expect that all of the work you prepare for this project will be your own.  That means:

  1. The work done for this project will be your own.  If you receive assistance from other sources (parents, other family, students or other individuals) you will consult with your teacher about those sources and cite them appropriately.
  2. The writing in your paper (and in your oral presentation) is your own.  You will not plagiarize from any sources.  You may receive editing help from colleagues/faculty/the writing center. If you did receive editing help, you will state the name of the editor(s) that helped you. 
  3. Where you chose to quote your sources, you will use quotations properly and cite the source of your quotation appropriately.  However, before you do a lot of quoting,  you may want to comnsult with your teacher for any guidelines.
  4. You will cite your sources accurately (using parenthetical citations and MLA style—see “How to Write A Scientific Paper” on the course page for help with this) and list all of your sources in the bibliography.
  5. You will go back and review the Academic Integrity Primer /ww_AI_entry.asp or under Panet--> “Students” tab -->  “Academic Integrity”
  6. Consult with your teacher if you have any questions or concerns about these rules.
  7. Failure to follow these rules may result in disciplinary action.

Quoting vs. Paraphrasing

Always give credit for others thoughts and writings. "Think of quotation marks as a hug, keeping someone else’s words safe in what you’re writing." Sarah Grassin

American Psychological Association Style


Noodletools Basics

Other Citation and Bibliographic Software

Using APA Style

When writing this paper, you will be using the APA (American Psychological Association)  format.  APA uses parenthetical references (instead of footnotes).  If you have any questions, please see a librarian at the main Welcome desk in the OWHL. One of the best guides available is produced by the OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue. 

APA Citation Style