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Money, Economy and Society -- Summer 2021: Articles &

Popular or Scholarly? What belongs in your paper?

Scholarly articles are an essential research resource.  Popular articles may be
used/cited in your paper, but only sparingly and anecdotally. 


academic audience            general public audience      
sources cited in footnotes and/or bibliography   informal or no citation
reports original research   reports general information
Authors are scholars in the field  

authors usually reporters 
not necessarily experts

Example: Applied Vegetation Science   Example: Time  

Quoting vs. Paraphrasing

Always give credit for others thoughts and writings. "Think of quotation marks as a hug, keeping someone else’s words safe in what you’re writing." Sarah Grassin

Research Tip

What is a working paper?

Working papers are usually the first place that original economics research appears.  Many of the working papers will later be presented at conferences or published in a formal academic journal.

Working Papers and Research Essays