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Money, Economy and Society -- Summer 2021: Current Events

Think Tanks and Policy Centers

These organizations produce reports and studies, typically in support of a specific policy.  Although they can have a slanted point of view, they will typically provide arguments of the "other side" and extensive bibliographies.

United States Statistical Information

Internet Resources (Free Web)

The following Electronic resources are available exclusively to students of Phillips Academy.  THIS IS NOT THE FREE WEB.

Newspaper Sources

Remember to use the date range feature if you are searching for articles that were published at the time in which an event took place.

Is this Website any good?

Evaluating a website as an information source for your paper/project is a necessary skill.   Before using a website as an information source, it is important to judge it according to the following criteria:

  • Coverage
    • How in-depth is the information?
    • Is the information complete?
    • Is the information free?
  • Objectivity
    • Why was the information written and for whom?
    • Is the website meant to convey information or persuade?
    • Does the website have advertising? Can you distinguish the ads from the content?
  • Currency
    • When was the information produced?
    • Are there dead links? Are other links kept updated?
  • Authority
    • Who created the information? Do they have any credentials?
    • Are the qualifications of the author(s)appropriate for the type of information?
  • Accuracy
    • Can the facts be checked against other sources?
    • Are there any outrageous claims or facts being made?
    • Is the website free from grammatical and spelling errors?