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Green Cup Challenge: Past Green Cup Contests

This guide is designed to demonstrate OWHL's support to school-wide annual Green Cup Challenge program.

Get Your GREEN On at the OWHL - from OWHL Director

The OWHL is among the largest and most heavily occupied facilities
on campus. Consequently, we consume a lot of electricity and
other resources. The annual Green Cup Challenge always provides
us with an opportunity to highlight some of our policies and practices
that are designed to conserve energy.

This year we are raising the bar with a series of coordinated activities and displays designed to support and inspire the efforts of the PA community as we seek to win the Green Cup. The “OWHL Goes Green” will run between January 21 and February 18 as part of the Green Cup Challenge. If you like contests, the OWHL is the place to be during the Green Cup Challenge. We will be running a different contest during each week of the challenge. The first contest, which will begin on Monday, January 24, and end on Friday, January 28, will feature an environmental “Word of the Day.”  Find out the day’s word and use it in a sentence with any of the library staff and you will be entered in the daily drawing. Each afternoon we will hold a drawing to select a daily winner from among the day’s entries and will award an “OWHL goes Green” thermal mug to the winner. These beautiful green mugs are sure to become a status symbol on campus, and you can’t win if you don’t enter! Our Facebook friends will be the first to learn the daily words, so if you aren’t already our “Friend” on Facebook, you should go immediately to OWHL page and “LIKE” us. Alternatively, stop by the library, and we’ll tell you the word of the day. You’ll also want to stop by the OWHL to check out the display of some of the many books in our collection on environmental themes and to browse the “Green” facts and tips posted on our display wall.

The contests and displays are designed to raise awareness of the
need for the conservation of scarce resources and of the part that
each individual can play in reducing waste. Over the coming
weeks of the Challenge we’ll talk about some of the ways that the
OWHL is going Green.

—Elisabeth Tully
Director, OWHL

2011 Word of The Day for Green Cup at OWHL

To win the Green Cup Challenge (GCC), please be sure

1) to visit OWHL on the facebook for updated info on daily GCC "Contests & Giveaways".

2) to stop by OWHL's  Help Desk to pick a prize for your "Word of the Day" contests as well as to submit your name to a drawing for an “OWHL goes Green” sustainable mug.  One name will be drawn each day at 5 p.m.

Word of the Day for this week:

Monday: “consumption” (as in to consume or to use up)

We need to reduce our energy consumption on campus in order to win the Green Cup Challenge.

Wednesday"carrying Capacity"

The carrying capacity of Commons is incredible considering that it accomodates nearly 2,000 people thrice daily!. "" -Tahir Kapoor '12

2012 Green Cup Challenge Program

Green Cup Challenge 2012 (Jan. 18 – Feb. 15)

For the next four weeks it is our task to save more energy than Deerfield. This year the focus will be on the dorms, so make sure your dorm and all your friends' dorms do all they can! Last year Deerfield came out on top, reducing 8.1% to our 5.7%. Here are a few tips to help us beat Deerfield this year.

1. Turn off the lights

2. Take the stairs

3. Keep your windows closed

4. Unplug computers and other technology when not in use

5. Unplug vending machines until needed

And be sure to check out Gunga Data to see how we’re doing! Just go to the competitions tab on Gunga Data (this competition is called Andover vs. Deerfield 2012).

Note: If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact Jonah Guerin at

Your Green Cup Challenge team,
Jonah Guerin
Kennedy Edmonds '12
Rachel Margolese '12
Amanda MacDonald '12
Claudia Giles '13