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Green Cup Challenge: Green Cup Contests

This guide is designed to demonstrate OWHL's support to school-wide annual Green Cup Challenge program.

2012 Green Cup Challenge Contests Rules & Prizes

During each year's Green Cup Challenge event, OWHL will give out many prizes to its participants who win the weekly contests. These contests will be advertised through Facebook and the answers will be posted on the white board during the week that follows the contest.

The prizes for 2012 will be as follows:

Two Grand Prizes
Anyone who enters any contest throughout the 4 week Green Cup Challenge will be eligible for these prizes.  
One will be a $50 to iTunes, the other will be a big jar of to be determined green candy.  The first name we draw will be able to choose between the gift certificate and the candy.  The second person will get the other prize.

Four Weekly Prizes
Week 1:  $10 to CVS
Week 2:  OWHL USB Wrist Band
Week 3:  $10 to CVS
Week 4:  OWHL USB Wrist Band

Finally, anyone who comes into the OWHL with a reusable mug will get a free OWHL pen.

So, please do not miss out this meaningful event to make our planet greener! 


2012 Green Cup Contests at OWHL

We will run 4 different week long contests (Note: The challenge runs from Jan. 18 to Feb. 15, 2012)

Week 1:  How much electricity (in kw/h) is used to make one ream (500 sheets) of paper?

Week 2:  How many disposable cups does the average office worker use each year?

Week 3:  How many windows are in the OWHL (PACC is not included)?

Week 4:  How many times more energy is required to produce bottled water than tap water?

The Big Prize Winners of the Green Cup Contests at OWHL

4-week long Green Cup Competition is finished. 

2012 Grand Prize Winners are...

   1st winner : Kana Rolett who wins a $50 to iTunes!

   2nd winner: Melanie Oliva who wins a Big jar of green candies!

 Congratulations to all participants!

2012 Green Cup Prizes on Campus

Title: Green Cup Prizes!
Author: Guerin, Jonah
Begin: 1/24/12 (Tuesday)



The top two energy-reducing dorms during the Green Cup Challenge (Jan. 18-Feb. 15) will receive a special munch as a prize! The first place dorm will get to choose from Chipotle, Panera, and a Chipwich munch. The second place dorm will then get to pick from one of the remaining two options.

In addition, look out for a table in Commons this Friday during lunch where YOU can give your opinion on what should go into our Sustainability Action Plan. We are really interested to hear what you all have to say, so please take a minute to fill out our quick survey and be entered to win a solar-powered backpack!

Note: For the most updated info, please also visit the Campus News via PAnet Login.