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HSS 538 - When States Fail: Reports, Statistics, and Data

Research Tip

Use Advanced Search 

Many of the resources on this page contain thousands of reports. The Advanced Search option will often allow you to limit your search by country or region. This is definitely a more efficient way to search!

Finding Articles in Economics

Researching for this assignment can be a bit different than research you've done in other classes. Economists love to write and many of the articles may be 40-50 pages. Don't be intimidated! Many of those pages will be charts and graphs. Here are a few tips to help you find worthwhile things:

  • Use the Internet-- You may be able to find recent research and new discoveries on the World Wide Web. Instead of just using Google, use the specialized search engines listed on the Websites Box on the Reports, Statistics, & Data tab. Read web pages carefully for original research.  
  • Always read carefully -- As you read reports, blogs, articles, etc... Look for words that will point you in the right direction for other research (i.e. "One study performed by the UN states..." -- Go and find that article!
  • Bibliographic Mining -- Look at the bibliographies of the materials you already have. This is a  great place to find additional resources that will be helpful to your paper.  Looking at the citation information of the bibliography, you can usually determine from where that source originates.
  • Use the Journal Finder -- The Journal Finder will search for journal and magazine titles available through the OWHL's databases and print collection. It can tell you if the particular year and /or volume of a journal is available.

International Organizations

International organizations such as those listed below have a wealth of information. In addition to providing research articles, they contain a wealth of statistics, data, and reports on specific issues relevant to particular countries and regions. 

Regional Organizations

These organizations provide more detailed information and studies to the particular areas they represent.