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ENG 536 - Shakespeare and Revenge: Reference Sources

Reference Sources for Literary Research

Use Reference Sources to Get an Overview of your topic

Reference sources help you identify key words that will aid you in searching the online catalog and various electronic databases. Also, reference sources often give suggestions for further reading, which can include books, articles or websites. All of the reference sources listed below can be found in the Garver Room (silent study room). Look through more general encyclopedias to get an an overview of your topic.

  • Credo Reference is a broad-based reference tool that can be limited to search for literature resources.

Garver Reference Room

Garver Reference Room

The Garver Room houses the library’s main reference collection. Other reference books are housed in the S2 stacks.

Use reference materials, such as almanacs, fact books, dictionaries and encyclopedias to get an overview of key terms and concepts related to your topics as a way to begin the research process.