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ENG 536 - Shakespeare and Revenge: Books

Finding Books for Literature Research

After getting an overview with reference sources, it is time to start searching the library catalog for books that focus more specifically on the topic you have chosen. Click on the links below to see books available in suggested subject areas.

Still not finding what you want? Try doing a keyword search in the Library Catalog below, or ask a librarian!!

Search Tips

Use the search box to the right to search for books in the library and in other locations on the PA campus, such as CAMD, Addison, and Peabody.

Search by Keyword to find items that mention your keyword (these items may not be largely *about* your keyword).

Search by Author to find items by that author.

Search by Title to find a specific item--this title might apply to a book, a videocassette or DVD, or might apply to a variety of editions.

Search by Subject to find items based on specific Library of Congress subject headings. Searching by Subject is useful when you want books about an author not by an author.

But searching by Subject is not always straightforward: the subject heading for movies is "motion pictures," and the subject heading for "climate change" is "climactic changes."

Search by Keyword first and search appropriate subjects as you identify them!