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LSI - Revolutions: Secondary Sources: Books & Websites

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Finding Credible Websites

You can also find some journal articles and secondary sources on websites.

However, not all websites are trustworthy and worthy of citation in your academic work. Remember to consider the following when evaluating a website:

  • Who... is responsible for the website? Is there a specific author or publisher? Consider what makes that person or publisher a credible source.
  • What... is actually on the website? Is it general information that you could find (and confirm) elsewhere? Is it a book, a magazine article, a primary source? What makes it useful and valuable to you and your research?
  • When... what the information published?
  • Where... did the author find the information? Can you find a bibliography or sources?
  • Why... does this website as a whole exist? Is its purpose to entertain, make money, or educate? Look for the "About Us" section of the website to find this information.