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MTH630 - Applied Statistics: Articles / Papers

Mr. Jacob

Finding Articles

Researching in Statistics can be a bit different than research you've done in other classes. Here are a few tips to help you find worthwhile things:

    • Use the Internet-- You may be able to find recent research and new discoveries on the World Wide Web. Read web pages carefully for original research.  


    • Always read carefully -- As you read reports, blogs, articles, etc... Look for words that will point you in the right direction for other research (i.e. "One study performed by the UN states..." -- Go and find that article!


    • Bibliographic Mining -- Look at the bibliographies of the materials you already have.  This is a  great place to find additional resources that will be helpful to your paper.  Looking at the citation information of the bibliography, you can usually determine from where that source originates.


  • Use the  Full Text Finder -- The Journal Finder will search for journal and magazine titles available through the OWHL's databases and Print collection.  It can tell you if the particular year and/or volume of a journal is available.

Article Databases

Article Databases contain articles from professional journals and magazines that are scholarly and peer reviewed.  The following databases are not available on the "free web" but only through the Library.

Use the Journal Finder

Search for Periodical Titles


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