HSS 591: Sport & Society: Primary Sources - Newspapers & More

An OWHL Guide with links to resources in support of research for this course.

Finding Primary Sources

Primary sources may be found in various formats (objects, artworks, photographs, diaries, personal journals, gov't documents, treaties, autobiographies, etc.), and in various places.  They are often embedded in secondary sources, and sometimes found in reference works.  When searching the catalog, try putting "primary source" after your search term to find books we librarians have tagged as such.  Many archives and government institutions have collections of primary sources that have been digitized.  When searching for primary sources, use the subscription databases, look for books with "documents and documentary histories" and search the free web in places like the Library of Congress and even the Phillips Academy Archives.  Dr. Paige Roberts has digitized many of the collections from P.A. and you will find links to some of those on this page.  If you need help finding or identifying primary sources, don't hesitate to ask a librarian!

Image: Phillips Academy Archives - Abbot Academy Athletics

Quick Links

Newspaper Databases

Don't forget that newspaper articles from the time period are a rich fount of primary sources!   Be sure the article is of the time period, however.  An current article on a historical event, person, or time period would not be considered a primary source.

Databases Containing Primary Sources

Phillips Academy Archive Websites

Digital Collections & Archives Websites