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Historical Periodicals Access: The Century

Finding aid for periodicals that have been withdrawn from the OWHL print collection

The Century Illustrated: stable access

 Open Access via Cornell University Library 1881 (volume 23) - 1899 (volume 58) 

 Phillips Academy Access via American Periodicals Series (Proquest)  Nov 1881 (Vol. XXIII, no. 1) - Apr 1906 (Vol. LXXI, no. 6)

Title History:  Scribner's monthly,; an illustrated magazine for the people; vols. 1-22 (Nov. 1870-Oct. 1881); Century illustrated magazine for the people; vols. 23-110 (Nov. 1881-Oct. 1925); Century monthly magazine; vols. 111-117 (Nov. 1925-Apr. 1929); Century magazine; vols. 118 (May.-Aug. 1929);Century,; a popular quarterly; v. 119, 1 no. (autumn 1929); v. 120, 2 nos. (winter/spring 1930); Vols. 1-22 (Nov. 1870-Oct. 1881) have title: Scribner's monthly, an illustrated magazine for the people; v. 23-110 (Nov. 1881-Oct. 1925) The Century illustrated monthly magazine; v. 111-117 (Nov. 1925-Apr. 1929) The Century monthly magazine; v. 118 (May-Aug. 1929) The Century magazine; v. 119 (consisting of 1 number dated autumn 1929) and v. 120 (consisting of 2 numbers dated winter 1930 and spring 1930) have title: The Century ... a popular quarterly.

What is a stable archive?

Stable archives are collections of digitized information hosted by organizations with excellent reputations (in the academic library world) for their commitment to preservation, access and responsible archiving. Materials in stable archives are expected to stay there permanently.