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Physics 100: Biography and Biographies

An OWHLGuide created to help PHY100 students complete their research on time.

Reference Databases

Reference works

Physics 100 Historical Characters

Physics 100 Historical Characters from NOBLE

There are many other titles held by the NOBLE Consortium. I have listed here just a few that you have access to through our partner libraries. If you want to borrow any of these titles make sure to request the book as soon as possible.

Additional Sources

If you are having trouble getting started, do a quick GOGGLE search "Physicists Female" and look through the results. Choose one from the many and go to her Wikipedia page. In addition, look for newspaper articles in the New York Times and other papers. 

In addition to newspapers, in the world of physics there are pre-prints. Pre-prints are a physicist's way to test the waters about an idea they might have; publish on a preprint server so that no one can claim your idea. There are several pre-print servers that are run by academic institutions. Here is a list of the largest.