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SCI476 - How Climate Change Wrote History: Start Here!

Start your research here!

Welcome to OWHL Guide for How Climate Change Wrote History (SCI 476 / HSS 593).

The interdisciplinary study of climate change and history is still relatively new, which means that researching your topic may present different challenges than you are used to in your previous classes. Always remember the essential question you are trying to answer with your research: 

How has climate change research expanded our understanding of a particular event?

There are three parts to this research question: 


The following reference and secondary sources will be helpful no matter what topic you are researching.

Reference Sources

Databases, online reference books, and physical reference books located in Garver.

Secondary Sources

Books, eBooks, and recommended journal and magazine articles.

There are 7 books on reserve for this course. See the complete list here: Natural Causes: Climate Change Wrote History