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HSS 531 - Arab Uprisings: Secondary Sources: Books & Journal Articles

Finding Secondary Sources

Finding secondary sources is easier once you have taken notes in tertiary sources and identified the people, places, dates, and any terms and keywords relevant to your topic.  Secondary sources to start with are books or e-books.  If you find one great secondary source, look in the bibliography/references section to identify any other possible secondary sources for your research.  Start with the library catalog below.  If you have a citation from a bibliography and want to find the source, start with the catalog for books/e-books, and then try Internet Archive (create a free account to access all content).  If you would like a print book that isn't in our library or in the NOBLE consortium, speak with a librarian - we may be able to get it for you with an ILL (inter-library loan).  If we request it from another library, it could take up to a week or so to get it, so plan ahead.  Another type of secondary source is the journal article.  These articles are much shorter, but much more specific, than books.  They are the result of a scholar or expert studying and writing about an aspect of the topic, so be sure to look for those after you've done enough research in books to know your focus.  Otherwise, you'll find a lot of articles that may not useful to you and waste time trying to find them.  If you have a citation for a journal article, look to see if we have access to the journal title the article was published in via the Full-Text Finder, on the databases A-Z list, or ask a librarian for help.

Quick Links

Article Databases

Databases contain articles from research journals and professional magazines. Typically, these papers are scholarly and peer reviewed. Most of the articles in the following databases are not available on the "free web" and can be accessed only through the Library.

Selected E-Books from Databases

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Suggested Books

Find E-Books

E-Book Databases: 

**In Noodleools, under new source, answer the questions like this for the correct citation form:  "Where is it?" > Database, "What is it?" > Book

E-Book Websites:

**In Noodleools, under new source, answer the questions like this for the correct citation form:  "Where is it?" > Website, "What is it?" > Book